April 2023

In April we have commissioned a special kiln for bulk materials. With this kiln we can fire several bulk goods without any kiln furniture. In addition we can reduce the gas consumption by over 60% compared to the conventional kilns.

Furthermore we have finished the manufacturing of a debinding chamber and will ship this in May.

We started building a high temperature shuttle kiln with a usable space of 2,6m³ with our special insulation system to save up to 30% energy. 

March 2016

In the production is currently a tunnel kiln for company Alföld in Hungary. It is an firing table kiln with an innovative system control via SIMATIC. The kiln will be in stock and delivered in July.

In addition, an energy-saving high-temperature tunnel kiln (1650 ° C) is in planning for company . This will be constructed in the summer months in Zorbau and in the production implemented. The special feature of this kiln is his innovative insulation structure which has proven itself in some chamber kiln of NGK and the first time finds its application in a tunnel kiln.

February 2016

The chamber kiln made in early December,  has been transported by sea nearly two months , and finally assembled in the company's production of Jyoti put into operation.Currently they produce there with a tunnel kiln, but it should be in future replaced by three chamber kilns.

January 2016

In January the chamber kiln system  (1470 ° C) for Rauschert in Zorbau was completed and delivered to Pressig. Shortly after commissioning and the start of production of the kiln was realized. The peculiarity of the kiln is a heat exchanger which preheats the combustion air with heat from the kiln to increase energy efficiency.

December 2016

Since early November, a 2.6 m³ chamber kiln (1470 ° C) for company Rauschert is in production. In a very short time we were able to react to customer requirements and immediately start the production of the kiln. After two and a half months the production will be ready in January with the kiln.

November 2016

In November a further chamber kiln was manufactured and by early December delivered by sea to India. It is already the sixth furnace of Grün which in December seeks the way to India and the production was ready to start for the new year. The confidence of the company Jyoti is a sign of satisfaction with the kilns of NGK Grün.

July 2015

The installation and commissioning of the high temperature kiln (1750 ° C) at the company Federal Mogul in Neuhausschierschnitz took place in July this year.Thanks to good preparation of the production line at the installation was carried out in a very short time and the kiln system was ready to be put into operation.

June 2015

In June the chamber kiln (3,45m³) in Hollohaza Hungary was put into operation.
Through the heat recovery as preheated combustion air and the exhaust gas flow in the
installed water heat exchanger, we achieved even with this investment correspondingly low
gas consumption values.

May 2015

After our new customers with the completed firing trials in pilot Loket were able to convince to buy a fast firing kiln that was ordered in February and launched in May in operation. Since we know the product variety of pressing tools of the company. Dorst,  was to build an kiln with special technology and as flexible as possible for the technology-centrum for us an out-demand.

April 2015

To the company IPEC from Alba - Iulia Romania, was taken in operation  in  April 2015 by Grün NGK, the third energy saving tunnel kiln (60m long). As the experiences of the kiln settings which were used by the two older kilns, was the plant started early in the morning and in the afternoon was already running production. This is an example of "just in time" by the company Grün NGK.